Opal Ann's Attic

36 Salbide Avenue

Newnan, Georgia 30263

770 254-0484


  • Consignments typically will run for 90 days.  The first 30 days, the item will maintain full price.  After 30 days, the item will be marked down 25% of the original price.  After 60 days, the item will be marked down 50% of the original price.   
  • Opal Ann's Attic  reserves the right to set the price of each item consigned.
  • The fee schedule for any and all consignments is 40% of the final price.  
  • Opal Ann's Attic  will accept no more than 15 items of clothing per week per consignee.  Please call ahead if the items are large. Time allowing, all drop off items will be inspected during regular business hours.  Opal Ann's Attic reserves the right to refuse any item without cause.

There are certain items that Opal Ann's Attic will NOT accept EVER:                                                              

  • Curtain Rods 
  • Non-Working  Appliances and Electronics   
  • Used Toilet Seats        
  • Window Shades and Blinds   


  • Drilled Bowling Balls
  • Perishable Foods or Produce
  • Live Animals
  • Leaking Gas Powered  Items 
For a list of all terms and agreements please check out an Adobe pdf copy of the Policy and Agreement below.

Consignment Policy

Consignment Agreement

Any questions feel free to contact us.  Click here for contact information.


Store Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

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