Opal Ann's Attic

36 Salbide Avenue

Newnan, Georgia 30263

770 254-0484

Our cast of characters...

Opal Ann's Attic is the life long dream of one Jackie "Opal Ann" Johnson.  What began decades ago as "piddling in junk" has grown into a passion to help people find what trinkets they desire. Jackie believes that there is something therapeutic in wandering through "unique treasure" stores like Opal Ann's Attic


Betty and Jack Crider

Our family has grown.  Opal Annís parents / Ericaís grandparents have recently moved here and are now helping out with the family business.  Betty helps with the greeting of customers and helping customers with their purchases.  She also helps with the listings on our EBay services.  Jack is one of our all around handy guys.  He helps anyone who needs something done, whether it is moving a piece of furniture to the everyday task of just helping keep the store straightened up.



Opal Ann's Attic is co-owned by Erica Patrick, Jackie's daughter.  As a owner of a successful eBay business, Erica brings her experience and knowledge of Antiques; vintage and modern clothing; and house wares to Opal Ann's Attic.


Opal Ann's Attic sales team is lead by Rosie the Chief Revenue Officer.  She is known for her uncanny ability to "sniff" out a good deal.  Being a miniature dachshund and weighing only 14 lbs allows her to chase down potential customers like a speeding bullet. 

Rosie is a connoisseur of the world's finest belly rubs. She will provide her expert critique of anyone's belly rubbing skills, free of charge.  Just another one of those services provided at Opal Ann's Attic.


Store Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

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